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New Door and Window Installation

New Door and Window Installation Services

Complete offers professional door installation for the new gateways to your home. Our technicians will get the job done quickly and you will be assured that your doors and windows will open and close effortlessly for years to come.

Expert Installers

Installing doors is often a frustrating and patience-testing process and misaligned homes can make the procedure even more difficult. With Complete you have highly trained, highly experienced professionals who have all the tools and resources to get the job done efficiently.

Many may consider the installation of a door a simple process but installing a door to work properly is actually a highly technical skill. A door works as a precision instrument as it should consistently snap into its latch, clear its jamb, and swing without effort on its hinges. It is not just a matter of screwing in some bolts and walking away, it actually has to perform a certain way and Complete will install and test your door for consistent operation.

Unlike other companies, we use only one door manufacturer, Southeastern Door Company. Their Doors are made in Palm Beach County, and they are rated as the “best built and best quality doors” available. And we believe in using only the best! After all, why would we use anything less?

Hurricane Protection

Southeastern Doors offers impact sliding glass doors that are manufactured to protect your home against strong hurricane winds, home invasions, Uv rays, and even excessive noises. These doors exceeds all others in the industry.

Every Aluminum door is custom made to meet the stringent demands of our customers. With Recognizable craftsmanship, visibly appealing design and extreme durability is what makes us better. Our Sliding Glass Doors are constructed to withstand the salty, windy nature of harsh coastal environments.

Our impact sliding glass doors embraces both technology and superb craftsmanship to offer a variety of doors styles, including a Florida and Miami-Dade approved Hurricane door. Our Sliding Door allows significantly more visible viewing area than competitor’s unsightly wide door rails. Our Aluminum Sliding Glass Door is ideal for Enclosing porch Lanai’s.

Glass Tint and Finishes

These new sliding glass doors are available in multiple tints and finishes. the glass is available in clear, gray, bronze, blue, and green.we also offer several Energy Efficient Low-E coatings to help keep the heat out of your home and help decrease your electric bill. they are also available in a variety of finishes from white and bronze to clear anodized.